Prepare to learn about some of the best places to eat in Iowa City. I’ve got some special picks for you. When you’re traveling around the old capital city of Iowa, you want to know where you’re going to stop in for a great bite to eat. Well, I’ve got you covered, and you’re going to really like the restaurants I’ve selected for you and yours as you vacation in Iowa City, Iowa.

Bluebird Diner is first up, and it’s located at 330 East Market Street. Enjoy a delicious breakfast when you and your family make it by this wonderful restaurant. You’re talking about pancakes, omelets, french toast, grilled bananas and more. It is a great spot to order up breakfast and much more.

In the city where I was born, there is a restaurant to this day known as Pagliai’s Pizza. That is one reason why this next restaurant I have chosen really jumps out at me. It is called A&A Pagliai’s Pizza, and its location is 302 East Bloomington Street. According to the pictures, it looks like they put a ton of cheese on their pizzas, which would certainly make me happy. You’re talking about classic pizza pies and a fun atmosphere according to reviews.

Orchard Green is next up, and it’s located at 521 South Gilbert Street. Orchard Green is known as a great place to order up steak and seafood. Are you ready to enjoy that delicious surf and turf? How does white fish sound, and how about some crab cakes? People say that you can expect an upscale restaurant, which should make for a really nice dining experience.

This next spot is a great place for authentic Italian food. Its location is 104 South Linn Street, and people have great things to say about this dining establishment in the reviews. The restaurant is small and intimate, and some say it’s the best place serving up authentic Italian cuisine in all of Iowa City. Reviews also point to the fact that it is quite charming with a nice ambiance.

Those four eateries in Iowa City are going to delight you and your family. Whether you end up visiting all of them or not, you’re definitely going to enjoy some nice meals. There are other great restaurants to explore in this area of the state, too, so keep on coming back for more. You will know all the great dining establishments in Iowa City IA.